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So this PSP original has a broken LCD, a missing battery, and the thumb pad is gone from the analog joystick. Also, no memory stick. So I got it for mere pennies compared to buying a new one or a fully functional one on eBay.

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If your PSP has a cracked LCD screen, and you need to remove it, below you will find the steps needed to do it. To do it, you will need the new LCD screen, a small screwdriver with a flat head and a screwdriver with a Phillips head.

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Replacing PSP 1000 Screen: So last summer, my sister broke my psp by dropping it. At the worst possible moment, we were heading down to san diego in two days : (Anyway, it has been laying around useless for 3/4 a year, so i decided to finally fix it.

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Their PSP Screen Repair Service charges only $79: "Our flat-rate PSP LCD screen repair includes everything you need to get your PSP back up and running as quickly as possible. Once we receive your PSP, we will install a brand new replacement LCD screen within 24-hours and send your PSP back to you via Overnight courier."

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If the screen on your Sony PSP is experiencing problems such as horizontal lines, it is probably the result of a bad connection. There's no need to take your PSP into the shop because you can actually fix this connection problem on your own.

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The PSP is a durable and flexible device which can be used for playing games and surfing the Net. However, the device can be difficult to use with a busted screen. Get tips on how to fix a PSP screen and ways to avoid further damaging it.

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2009-04-19· My friend has a PSP and I don't know how but like the inside screen is broken. It shows different colours like something is broken. I think my friend dropped it and now whenshe turns on it has these weird colours in the menu.

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2011-01-24· Best Answer: if youre good at or confident at electronics, or good at following instructions, theres heaps of internet tutorials eg ehow telling you how to replace screen, make sure you look up the right model though, eg replace psp-2000 screen

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2009-05-26· I forgot that I had another Slim PSP 2001 model that also had a cracked screen so I swapped it in there and the newly purchased screen worked perfectly. I swapped it back into the silver PSP and same thing - vertical scan lines. I did a search on the web and found there were other posts with the same problems but no fix or how to fix scan noise. Most pointed to the motherboard which …

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Learn how to open a PSP 2001 (slim) and replace the LCD screen and backlight. WonderHowTo PSP WonderHowTo Gadget Hacks Next Reality Null Byte. Xbox 360 PC Games Web Games PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS PlayStation 2 Retro Gaming Xbox Video Games WonderHowTo. How To: Replace the LCD Screen on a PSP slim By Amie; 5/23/08 10:17 AM. WonderHowTo. Learn how to open a PSP …

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2017-01-08· How to Reset Your PSP. Author Info . Explore this Article Performing a Hard Reset on a Frozen PSP Resetting a Slow PSP to Defaults Settings Resetting a PSP to Factory Defaults Questions & Answers Related Articles. wikiHow is a "wiki," similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to ...

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The price will vary significantly depending on where you send it to. For example, when the X button on my PSP broke, I sent it to Whitby. They charge by the hour, but I didn't have to pay a dime because apparently, the repair was extremely easy to perform.

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PSP LCD Liquid Crystal Screen Filter Hori for PSP-2000 models as well as PSP-1000 ones. Item is new and unused. Message me if you have a question, thanks! Item is new and unused. Message me if you have a question, thanks!